Vietnamese Massage

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What’s the difference between a Vietnamese massage and a Thai massage

The uniqueness of massage is that it involves a combination of boxing and slap surgery that stimulate blood circulation.The massage should relieve pain by applying pressure directly to the muscles and help them relax.

Vietnamese massage

越式按摩 Package 全套69/150

洗头+按摩,顾名思义就是洗头+按摩。 按摩姐姐平时穿的很辣,会让你觉得不纯,但其实“应该”是纯的。

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Vietnamese massage and a Thai massage

Service Scope: Thailand, Vietnam, delivery happy ending massages in vietnam

Service location: Setapak, Wenliang Port, Kuala Lumpur (please add WhatsApp to ask for the correct address)

Working hours: Daily 12:00PM -2.00AM

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